Silky Weighted Comforter

Silky Weighted Comforter

Silky Weighted Comforter

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Silky Weighted Comforter gives you comfort like a warm gentle hug, relaxing your entire body. It's made of material that's so soft to the skin. The blanket is carefully designed to provide a natural and effective method to relive stress that causes anxiety and sleeping problems. Silky Weighted Comforter comes with a separate blanket cover to protect your linen. 



Weighted Blanket was designed to help with stress and troubled sleep. For years, medical professionals recommend weighted blankets to reduce stress and anxiety and used for other sleep disorders and syndromes.

How does it work? It evenly distribute weight molding throughout the body. The weight comes from premium glass beads filling combined with soft fabric and cotton material all sewn together to create the perfect weighted blanket.

This create a gentle hug feeling that enables to relax the nervous system encouraging our body to rest. Once our mind and body are rested, the natural chemicals in our system regulate our overall mood allowing a sense of calm in a stressful condition promoting healthy state of mind.

Promotes Healthy Mind and Body. Experience restful sleep from the maximum comfort the weighted blanket provides waking up refreshed and free from worries.

Premium Quality & Material. The blanket consists of premium breathable cotton, lightweight fabric, polyester layers to prevent leakage and non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odourless high density glass beads.



Microfiber Fabric

Cotton Fabric

Non-Toxic Glass Pellets



We recommend washing before use to remove excess linens

Wash in cold water

Delicate machine washing

Tumble dry in low temperature


 See weighted blanket size guide here.


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